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If you're new to reading music from tablature try starting out with London's Burning in Harpway or Violway tuning if you don't wish to retune.
These files were worked up using Django music notation software, an important tool for any musicians or composers who need to work with tablature.  The free downoadable version is fully functional, but the $80 price for registration not only supports an extremely worthwhile endeavor but also gains access to Alain Veylit's indispensible indexed Help File.  Among the other worthwhile features available to Registered Django users is an expanding library of  Django files which may perhaps eventually include  a section of  lyra music indexed by tunings.

Here are some of the other  featured items:
A raw list of the facsimile images can be found at: http://www.newtunings.com/all/JohnMoss

A raw list is available at: http://www.newtunings.com/lyra/defhf/mace
Darknet marketplaces list

If you need to just browse through and look on your own, try poking around the following directory: http://www.newtunings.com/all

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